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We were speechless when we saw our Cameo Lampshade picturing our first home. The Picture was Twice the size that we had expected and the Detail of the Graphics was much higher than we would have hoped for. Pat F., Springvale, Me.

I recently purchased the loon and trout lampshades after reading an ad in a local newspaper and could not have been more satisfied. The images are so lifelike and add a warm addition to my family room. Dennis and his son were great to deal with and I would definitely give my overall experience a "Five Star" rating. Joanne R., Shapleigh, ME

Well, my husband did not like it when I told him I ordered a shade. But after he saw it he loved it. Thanks for putting all the photos on one shade. Every time we look at it we see our family. JT

Having a personal shade in our house makes it feel more warm. Sally

Well, after getting my shade I ordered I was shocked at how great it was. I never imaged it would be this good. Great to find a company that can do this. I will pass the word about your business. Dawn

I think this company is great. Great to deal with. Would buy from them again. April F.

Having a personal shade made, I was not know what the final results would be. After getting it I was surprised at how great it was. This is a business going some place. they have a great product. Betty H.

There is nothing bad to say about this company. Great Item you should buy one. Having a personal shade makes the home feel like mine. Ron S.

It is always great to get a comment from customers like this one: Thank you so much!!! Just a short note to tell you what that shade meant to us. My daughter's Senior year of high school started with field hockey in the Fall. She had her first scrimmage and ended up tearing her ACL in her knee. This resulted in surgery that put her out for the rest of that season and for soccer in the Spring which is her all time favorite sport. It was a very long difficult year for all of us. My husband's only goal for that year was to have her shoot her first deer ever with her bow. So while in a full leg brace, she did. Then proceeded to drag the deer from the woods with the help of her Dad. It was a very emotional time for us. It was the one high point to her year of lows. I searched multiple web sites for a shade. I was just going to go with a preprinted deer pic til I found your site. The lamp shade was absolutely awesome. There were tears all around. You guys did a great job. We were very impressed with the shade. Please feel free to share with everyone involved in the making. Thanks again. You will never know what this shade means to us. Thanks, Alicia A