Custom Vista/Cameo Shades


7 sizes to choose from.

Send us your pictures and let us make a beautiful shade for you.   Our Cameo shades are all white with one picture on them.

We offer 2 styles of Cameo Shades: one has a square, rectangle shape around it and the other is an oval shape.

The size of the picture on the shade will depend on the size of the photo you send us.

We would like originals right from the camera.  Also a landscape photo is better. If you send a portrait photo it will be tall and not wide.

We can make photo shades from weddings, vacation, sports, team, homes, landmarks, anniversaries, pets, babies, logos, cars, grandkids, boats, farms photos and more.

We can add the date or year to your shade at no extra cost. Just contact us if you want it so we can talk about it.

We can put up to 1 more photos on these shades. As long as they are portrait shape and not landscape shaped photos. Just add a second image by paying an additional $8.00 for 2nd photo. If we have any questions we will contact you. 

Please DO NOT resize them when sending to us. Send photos to


Shade Sizes

Top Diameter Bottom Diameter Height       PRICE
Pin Up 7" 9" 7"              $29.95
Small 8" 10" 9"              $33.95
Medium 10" 12" 11"            $36.95
Medium 13" 10" 12" 13"            $39.95
Large 12" 14" 11"            $39.95
Large 13" 12" 14" 13"            $42.95
X Large 12" 14" 16"            $45.95



4 sizes to choose from.

Our large shade has 4 photos on it. The other 3 sizes have 3 photos on them.

For great quality photos on the shades we need original photos. Photos right from the camera. Please DO NOT resize them when sending to us. You need to email us the photos at

Note:  we can put more then 4 pictures on a shade and we can do some Photoshop work but that all comes with a extra charge. want more info you would need to call us.

Shade Sizes

Top Diameter Bottom Diameter Height         PRICE
Pin Up 7" 9" 7"                 $59.95
Small 8" 10" 9"                 $69.95
Medium 10" 12" 11"               $79.95
Large 12" 14" 11"               $89.95